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modern uniform - responsibly designed


dāl embodies a fresh and timeless understanding of the female form and the values of the modern woman. With draping fabrics and striking silhouettes, the dāl woman can embrace luxury while remaining a conscious consumer. 

The creative force at the helm of dāl, founder and designer Dana Mortada brings over 10 years of experience and her East Coast-to-Beirut upbringing, heavily influenced by European fashion. Feeling a lack of sustainable, long-lasting garments in her essentials closet, she was compelled to create an LA-based brand providing ethically-made clothing with complete transparency that prioritizes timelessness and elevated minimalism.

Meticulous craftsmanship, consciously selected fabrics, and functional design compose the nature of our luxury womenswear. Collections explore and champion the versatility of today’s woman and her multidimensional lifestyle while having minimal environmental impact. 


dāl is more than a brand; it is a community of those turning towards responsible living and a promise to provide ethical accessibility without compromising on quality.


Timeless, grounded, and responsible- dāl’s foundations are built off a regenerative philosophy that places artistry, fashion, and commerce inside a circular, sustainable business model.

dana mortada

Founder of dāl

Founded in 2022 by Lebanese-American creative director Dana Mortada, dāl is a brand that redefines fashion. Rooted in personal experiences, cultural influences, and hidden aspirations, dāl's ethos shines through its womenswear, embracing the beauty of contrast and balance. dāl embodies a fresh and timeless understanding of the female form and the values of the modern woman, all while prioritizing circular fashion and comfortably elegant designs.

Based in Southern California, dāl continues to evolve each season, enhancing its capsules of refined essential pieces known for their quality materials, craftsmanship, and subtle details.

environmental welfare

From manufacturing, to sourcing, to distribution- we are placing the health of our planet at the forefront of our craft, without ever compromising quality. By working exclusively in minimum order quantities and abstaining from bulk order practices, we have made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint to the lowest levels possible.

We will continually expand our partnerships with multiple sustainability focused companies, and plan to soon begin the inaugural steps of reaching the important ethical goal of receiving B Corporation certification. 

dal the label - eco packaging


Keeping eco-consciousness at the core of our packaging is as important as sourcing sustainable materials for our clothing. All dāl packaging utilizes FSC certified materials, as well as acid free, soy-based, and compostable inks. We understand that the resources and practices we use have considerable impact on the greater world around us.

We know that a true brand can only be built off a consciousness towards others and a devotion to the environment we share.


dāl works exclusively with small factories based in our home of Los Angeles, remaining diligently hands-on throughout the manufacturing process and exercising quality control on both product and ethics. We prioritize local mills that omit synthetic materials and harmful compounds.

All labor practices and wages instituted by dāl meet or exceed modern standards, because we know that environmental care can not be held separate from economic equality.


Materials used by dāl are eco-conscious, sustainably sourced, and quality forward. We acquire all materials locally to reduce shipping emissions and support our communities.We utilize GOTS dyes and work in tandem with a local Los Angeles dye-maker who shares our sustainability focus. Core fabrics we work with:

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Pure Linen

100% Organic Cotton