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capsule III

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Notes of jasmine. Hills in full bloom. The salty marine layer infusing the air with freshness. The rains have left crisp skies, fragrant grass, the city washed anew. Los Angeles in spring reveals the best version of itself, its natural beauty in full display, awakened after winter. dāl the label’s founder Dana Mortada set out to capture the airy ease and relaxed attitude of her adoptive town in a new collection, Pre-Spring 2024.

The brand’s third capsule is an exploration of understated West Coast elegance, a collection rooted in wearability and timelessness. Essential shapes are developed to seamlessly accompany the wearer. Like the ever-changing landscape of the city, her day is made of transitions and shifting identities, with sudden changes of setting and scene. The dāl woman moves through it all with grace, reaching for a soft blazer as temperatures drop or formality is required; spending time in nature, lightweight linen shielding her from the sun; following her children’s steps in garments made with movement in mind. Clothing as an extension of self.

Longevity is threaded through every piece. Silhouettes are timeless, quality fabrics are breathable and long-lasting. Mortada’s approach is deliberate and intentional, focused on creating a wardrobe meant to evolve with the wearer, refined by time, rather than reinvented with every season.

Largely crafted using regenerative and sustainable textiles, Pre-Spring 2024 is produced within a frameworkof considered production, in respect of the environment and its limited resources, in celebration of its beauty.

Photography • Dimanche Creative

Muse • Gunce Gozutok

HMU • Setsuko Tate