Earth Day 2024 - From Crop to Closet – dāl the label

From Crop To Closet - How dāl Consciously Crafts Our Ethical Fashion

Words by Alice Hartwell

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Late April marks Earth Day, arguably the most significant date in the sustainable calendar. Observed to shine a spotlight on global environmental issues and advocate the preservation of our natural world, this holiday aims to unite and amplify those seeking conscious solutions to an ever-growing climate crisis. Working within the fashion landscape, dāl is only too familiar with the damaging effects of the fast apparel industries, hence our active commitment to ethical fashion and responsible practices.

Today we share our ongoing story within sustainability, exploring candidly how our eco clothing comes to be. We’ll follow our pieces on the unique journey from fabric sourcing to the rack in your closet, in a tale of dedication, imperfection, learning, and growth - we hope you’ll join the mission.

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Sourcing sustainable fabrics

A commitment to sustainability starts with the crop. Our small, yet growing, range of responsible fabrics are the bedrock of dāl’s conscious mission. Working with natural fibers and materials allows us to reduce contributions to chemical pollution, conserve resources and support a sustainable agricultural industry.

When sourcing the pure linen, 100% organic cotton and Econyl® for our capsules of fair trade clothing, we partner with consciously-minded companies and suppliers who offer transparent, ethical supply chains.

All materials used within our design and creation process are acquired locally here in LA to reduce transportation emissions and fund our local economy and community. To avoid unnecessary chemical pollution from our dyeing process, we also embrace GOTS-certified dyes made from natural, non-toxic substances, again, courtesy of a local manufacturer.

Conscious creation

Our conscious clothes are crafted exclusively in minimum order quantities, moving away from the conventional fast fashion practice of bulk ordering. Partnering solely with small factories around Los Angeles, we take a diligent hands-on approach throughout each stage of the dāl production process, prioritizing quality control and a non-negotiable expectation of ethical manufacturing.

In line with ethical garment production, we ensure that all labor practices and wages for those working within dāl’s production system meet or, preferably, exceed industry standards. Our label recognizes wholeheartedly that economic equality and environmental commitment go hand-in-hand.

Responsible delivery

A dedication to sustainability doesn’t end when our pieces exit the production line. Eco-consciousness is central to our packaging and delivery process, as we believe the materials your clothing is secured in are just as important as those that form the garment itself. When shopping with dāl, you can expect all orders to arrive carefully protected in FSC-certified wrapping, with notes created using acid-free, soy-based and 100% compostable inks.


Ethical fashion made to last (and love)

Every dāl piece stands individually, yet all are unified with one mission - to last and be loved. Promoting capsule wardrobes, rather than constant style switch outs, serves as our commitment to reducing global waste pollution, which is only being fuelled by the carelessness of fast fashion.

Looking to the future

While dāl’s driven by a deep passion for a sustainable output, we realize our imperfections and limitations as a small business. This journey towards eco-consciousness will be just that - an ongoing passage, made up of many small steps and achievements.

Dana, our founder, is committed to constant learning and growth, so if you have any suggestions for how we can do better, we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions