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Embracing A Circular Fashion Dream & Cultivating Strength Amidst Challenges

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To Our Dearest dāl Community,

As we approach the close of 2023, I find myself revitalized with feelings of reflection and hope. With this in mind, I wanted to take a moment to share a glimpse into our 2023 journey at dāl , and a fresh perspective on our circular fashion dreams for the coming year.

Steady movements toward a circular fashion economy

One of our central aspirations is to curate a Circular Closet. We believe that fashion can be a force for good, and with each carefully curated step, dāl’s working towards a space where both style and sustainability can coexist harmoniously.

Our journey is one formed of small, yet mighty, treads, made with intention and purpose. As a self-funded brand, we realise the value of patience and the strength that lies in gradual progress. We choose to honor the time taken to compile a collection that not only speaks to our stylistic goals, but also echoes our commitments to circular fashion, ethical practices and environmental responsibility.

Within our pursuit, we’ve discovered an endless source of inspiration from the powerful women who help forge our journey. In 2023, dāl has become a platform that highlights their stories, creative abundance and tales of resilience. From artists to entrepreneurs, each woman in our community contributes to the vibrant tapestry we're weaving together. It's a testament to the strength we find in unity, something now more necessary in our world than ever.

Renewed hope for global hardships

The past year has borne witness to a fair share of heartbreaking events, especially in the Middle East, a place that holds deep significance to me. Despite the ongoing pain, our hearts remain hopeful for a brighter 2024. As we navigate these overwhelming global complexities, let’s all choose to take action at a grassroots level. Small, responsible actions when combined can amount to powerful change. Whether you choose to dress more sustainably, uplift silenced voices or contribute to peace-promoting initiatives, we can all personally make a positive impact in 2024.

Let’s actively choose to embrace a circular fashion economy, support those around us and foster a sense of responsibility for the world we share. Together I believe we can create a future that’s not only stylish, but also sustainable, compassionate, and fuelled by hope.

Wishing you all a peaceful transition into 2024.
May it be a year of progress, unity, and positive change.

With gratitude and love,

Dana Mortada,
Founder of dāl the label

Michaela d'artois - dāl muse

Our mission at dāl is simple:

to empower women through their clothing and promote sustainability and ethical practices.