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The Structured Tote Bag — A Collaboration with INK + PORCELAIN

Fashion grounds and refines the life of a dāl woman, as our founder herself muses - “I’ve always required a style that gently blends through the bustle of life, adding ease and simplicity to my ever-changing roles, from mom to designer to boss and back again. A work tote has always been my daily dependable - an extension of my brand, carrying everything I need to stay organized and on my creative course.”


Meet The Structured Tote Bag, created in collaboration with
INK + PORCELAIN. Finding common ground in our creative journeys, this partnership has given rise to a bag designed to streamline the myriad demands of our modern lives.

Reimagining a classic, dependable design, it revitalizes a structured silhouette for total universality and functionality. Crafted harmoniously by women, for women, this work tote bag affords space for artistic materials, daily essentials and beyond.

Sustainably made and sold here within the brand’s LA studios, each textile selected plays an indispensable role in forming our work bag for busy dāl women on the go.

Constructed with a combination of clean, weighted canvas, conscious leather detailing and durable threading, this tote features a 6-pocket interior, adding enduring, minimalist style and organization to everyday duties and travel.


Photography • Bliss Braoudakis

HMU • Kseniya Bernkhardt

Muse • Julia Varlamova