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Kate Parfet - dāl the label

Kate Parfet

Step into the world of Kerrilynn Pamer, the co-founder of the renowned wellness company, CAP Beauty. Join us as we delve into Kerrilynn's wisdom and uncover the secrets of CAP Beauty's transformati...
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Art of Dressing

This story explores the concept of repeating looks as a road to sustainability, and how brands like dāl the label are leading the way in introducing comfort for women on the move without compromisi...
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Maxine Goynes - dāl the label

Maxine Goynes

As the founder of the MG Method, a creative consulting agency based in LA, Maxine Goynes is dedicated to empowering women to lead fulfilling and balanced lives. Maxine shares her insights on the im...
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Women's History Month - dāl the label

Women's History Month

A note from our Founder, Dana Mortada. I founded dāl with the belief that clothing is a powerful tool for self-expression and confidence-building. As we celebrate Women's History Month, I want t...
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